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Constro Plast

Constro Plast

Pack: 40 kg

MALASA Constro Plast is high-quality dry premix high-quality mortar for plastering of all types of substrates like AAC blocks, ALC blocks, CLC blocks, concrete blocks, hollow blocks, fly Ash bricks, Clay bricks, etc. As the construction industry is growing very fast in terms of project cost, reduction in cost with enhancing quality and advanced added features cement sand based premix mortars are getting popular all over the world as it caters the need of today's construction industry.

MALASA Constro Plast consists of Cement, graded sand, fibers & specialized polymers which combine to give high superior strength, high bonding & good workability. It replaces the conventional method of plastering. Constro Plast only requires the addition of water before application reduces the hassle of measuring the exact proportion of items to be added and maintaining the quality of individual elements. Constro Plast ready mix plaster is manufactured with strict quality control.

Features & Benefits
  • 1. High Strenght.
  • 2. High Bonding.
  • 3. Economical.
  • 4. High Coverage.
  • 5. Less Curing*.
  • 6. No Cracks.
  • 7. Fast & Easy.
  • 8. Maximum Thickness - 15mm upto 1.5inch*


Property Availability
Appearance Greyish Granular Powder
Bulk Density 1.2-1.6 Kg/Ltr
Compressive Strength (N/Sqmm) Above 08
Flexural Strength (N/Sqmm) > 1
Pot Life 90 - 120 Minutes.
Initial/Final Setting Time 50/600 Minutes.
Main Binder Portland Cement
Aggregate Graded Sand
Additives Water soluble Addives for high strength, high bonding & water retaining.
Reinforcement Fibers
Maximum Aggregate size 1.7 mm
Pull Of Adhesion Strength (MPa) > 0.2
Silt Content in Aggregates < 1%
Soundness < 0.05%
Single Layer Thickness 6 mm - 12 mm
Water Retention Min. 95%
W : P Ratio Apprx. 7 – 8 Liters

Comparison with conventional method of plastering

Parameters Constro Plast Ready Mix Plaster Conventional Plaster
Application Time Fast and Easy Slow process
Adhesion Due to no silt & impurities and with bonding polymers strong adhesion with durability. High slit & impurities and sand impedes adhesion property.
Rebound Loss Negligible High
Smoothness Smooth & Hard Not so smooth
Compressive Strength , 28Day 5-6 N/Sqmm 2-3 N/Sqmm
Shrinkage Crack Formation Negligible chance being enriched with fibers & polymers. High chance.
Penetration of Water Due to different graded sizes in exact proportion with high strengthening & high bonding polymers being least capillary pores the water penetration chances are very less. Large particle sizes of sand with less strength & bonding gives water penetration easy access.
Mixing Cement: Sand ratio strictly maintained 1:4 . Water: powder ratio also controlled hence results in high strength, high bonding & least cracks. Cement: Sand ratio is not controlled & also Water : Cement ratio not controlled. Hence drop in Compressive strength & bonding with cracks.
Wastage No Wastage. Easy for calculation. High Wastage.
Quality Consistent quality due to strict quantity & quality of material. Manual mixing with material variation quality not in control of every batch mix.

Comparison between Malaaa Constroplast, Traditional Plaster, Gypsum Plaster

Property Malasa Constroplast Traditional Plaster Gypsum Plaster
Curing needed No Yes No
Contains River/Crush Sand No Yes No
Needs expertise to maintain mixing ratio No Yes Yes
Homogeneous mixture & consistent quality Yes No No
Compressive strength(28 Days) 8-10 N/mm2 6-8 N/mm2 5-6 N/mm2
Shrinkage Cracks No Yes Yes
Low density more coverage(12mm thk) Yes(22sq.ft, 40Kg bag) No Yes(18-20 sq.ft, 25Kg bag)
Suitable for internal & external plastering Yes Yes No(Only Internal)
Eco friendly green product Yes No No
Economical(Expertise, Curing, Manpower,Time) Yes No Yes
Pot life 90-120 mins 45-60 mins 25 min
Cement Based Plaster Yes Yes No
Formulated to comply with Indian Standards Yes Not always Not always
Storage Life 6 months NA 4 months
Grab IGBC points for green building projects Yes No No
Capillary action/Absorb moisture No No Yes
Any restrictions on use from Govt. bodies No Yes No

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