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Pack: 40 kg

MALASA Bind-O-Bond is a premix mortar with high-quality adhesive for jointing & bonding of AAC blocks, concrete blocks, hollow blocks & fly ash bricks. Bind O Bond is premix mortar consists specialized polymeric additives which help in providing good mechanical & adhesion bond between a block to block & block to surface results in high strength, high bonding, water retention & durability. Just 2-3 mm joint thickness is enough.

Block Size (mm, LxHxW) Block Required for 100 Sq Bind-O-Bond (per 100 Sq)
600x200x100 77.42 31.47
600x200x150 77.42 47.06
600x200x225 77.42 70.59

  • 1. High Strenght.
  • 2. High Bonding.
  • 3. Thin Joints.
  • 4. Fast & Economical.
  • 5. No Curing.


Property Availability
Appearance Grey Fine Powder
Bulk Density 1.45-1.55 Kg/Ltr
Compressive Strength > 10 N/Sqmm
Open Time 30 Mins.
Pot Life 1 hour.
Tensile Spling Strength > 0.75 N/Sqmm
Mixing Ratio 10 - 12 Liters / Bag

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