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About us

Malasa Constrochem Industries

It’s a short story about us. In the reigns of Spanish culture wandering in between the streets of Toledo, observing the mesmerizing architecture of Antoni Gaudi the thought process stared. Should we do something not great as them as in artifacts but to deliver quality & science in raw materials to build construction wealth at home! At our place!

Building generations in India we make’ here.. a journey towards our country’s pride & prosperity.

Three Tricolor friends coming together with a 12 year experience team in manufacturing., research & science of bonding materials. Answers to ourselves: Should we be Running the blue wheel of fortune!

Hence, Our cement based chemical manufacturing company blending construction chemicals for higher end infrastructure was a thought to start. Go green with dry powder water free conception to build dirt free pollen free ; hygiene applications of our glue & adhesives on the walls.

Now,we are known for our exceptional quality products. Within a very small period of time we have grown extremely faster due to our team support and belief in providing our clients superior quality range. We have gained excellent clients within the short span of time.


Our vision is to be Indian Multinational.

Malasa strives to be a premier specialty chemical and materials company. We provide value-added products and services. We believe in quality service to our customers that drives our passion for innovations, leading to transformative products We specialize in the speedy delivery of our products to customers. We analyze the current trends, developments and challenges in the construction chemical industry and focus on these issues to overcome the challenges.


We are dedicated to our customers. They trust us to provide products, knowledge, services, and people to make their products work better. For better results, we provide services like the application of plasters on their walls to demonstrate their masons.


Teamwork : Treat each other with respect. Work safely and effectively with each other to win in the marketplace. Communicate openly and candidly.

Performance : Provide products and services that will make our customers successful.Provide products and services that will make our customers successful.

Integrity : Maintain and expect the highest level of ethical behavior.

Speed : Work with a sense of urgency to meet our customers' needs. Move quickly to seize opportunities in the marketplace. Anticipate market shifts and respond before our competitors.

Innovation : Encourage people to constantly look for new ways to create value.


We are in pipeline with exclusive products Required as a need of today’s building generations. Our team analyst and lab scientists, once approved will deliver Malasa Wall Putty, Waterproofing chemicals, admixtures, Epoxy for flooring and Epoxy for 3-D tiles etc.